Ontologies in Semantic Web

Picture 1. The ontology graph of a well-known ontology named Travel
  • Classes (sets, collections, concepts, classes in programming)
  • Individuals (instances or objects from classes)
  • Properties (attributes or parameters of objects)
  • Relations (paths betwen classes and individuals can be related to one another)
  • Restrictions (formally stated descriptions, constraints)
  • Rules (statements that make up logical inferences that can be drawn from a particular claim)
  • Events (the changing of attributes or relations)
  • Axioms (assertions in logical form containing the general theory defined by ontology)
Picture 2. Some classes, instances, and relations among them in the Travel domain

Why do we need to develop an ontology?

Ontology Editors

  • Protégé
  • NeOn Toolkit
  • Neologism
  • Knoodl




Computer Engineer & MSc @Bogazici University

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Esin Gedik

Esin Gedik

Computer Engineer & MSc @Bogazici University

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